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IBN Barcode Numbers

Our barcode numbers for Afghanistan come from the same original system of IBN which is originated from GS1 numbers and can be used in Afghanistan and/or  internationally in the vast majority of stores. Our EAN and UPC barcode numbers come with a free registration on the International Barcodes Database. Each barcode number that we provide is first checked for illegal use on the internet to ensure that there are no enforcement hassles for our clients.

Look at some of products that are using IBN barcodes:

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Which Barcodes for Retail Products?

Generally, EAN-13 (or UPC-A) barcodes are suitable and used on retail products worldwide. However, it is necessary to ensure that your barcode is registered and no other person in the world is allowed to use it!

Some specifications of IBN barcodes are:

Pay a one-off price (no future fees), and own the barcodes for life. Certificate of ownership. Free registration on IBN Database. Instant delivery by email if you buy retail barcodes from our website.

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More than 10% discount with respect to worldwide prices!

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  • EAN-13 Barcode PackagesEAN-13 Barcode Packages

    INSTANT EMAIL DELIVERY – Your email will contain your EAN-13 Barcode numbers, Barcode images (in 4 different formats: jpeg, png, svg, & pdf), a guarantee certificate stating that you are the sole legal owner of these barcode numbers, and free barcode registration on the International Barcodes Database.

    Quantity Price per Barcode (AFN)
    1 2,633 AFN each 
    2 + 2,363 AFN each
    3 + 2,228 AFN each
    5 + 2,025 AFN each
    10 + 1,755 AFN each
    20 + 1,620 AFN each
    30 + 1,114 AFN each
    50 + 702 AFN each
    100 + See our bulk prices here


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Barcode Registration

We provide a barcode registration service where we register your barcode and product information on IBN Database and the other major internet databases. This increases the internet profile of your product and ensures that your product information appears when your barcode is scanned by cell phone app scanners such as Zebra Mobile App.


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Good news for Afghan companies!

Barcodes Afghanistan / MACS has recently talked with authorities of IBN to decrease the prices of barcodes for the companies of Afghanistan. Consequently, we could get more than a 10 per cent discount for our Afghan companies compared to international prices.

For more information please read the FAQs or simply contact us via [email protected] / (0093)790955060

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About Us

Barcodes Afghanistan is a member of the International Barcodes Network (IBN). We issue and register EAN, UPC, ISSN, ISBN, Amazon and other types of barcodes. Barcodes Afghanistan is operating under the supervision of MACS which is an Afghan company working on business consultancy and marketing. We are very happy to help manufacturing companies in Afghanistan via the provision of barcodes, business consultancy and marketing.


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